Ghostwriters in the Sky: Will blog for bucks

You’ve decided you should blog or tweet and you either have no idea how to begin, or no inclination to do so.

Or, you know the time commitment is more than you’re willing to make.  And, you’re savvy enough to realize that paying for blogging and or tweeting is much cheaper than the cost of traditional PR.  And, could have a much higher rate of return.

So you turn to the Internet, ‘Google’ ghost bloggers and land here.  (As Seth Godin would say, Thanks for stopping by!)

“Will blog for bucks”

Before you commit to a ghostwriter, I suggest you consider your level of involvement

  • Are you going to turn it over to someone else, or be hands on?
  • Do you have specific subject matter you want to cover?
  • How will you convey your wishes to your ghost?  e-mail, voicemail, handwritten lists?
  • Is your ghost writing as you?  As an employee of yours?  Or as a fictional contributor to your blog?
  • Will you include personal items? A day at the polo field?  “. . . saw Jack at the Lakers’ game”  and “sat behind Spike Lee when the Knicks played . . . “
  • And finally, are you driving people to your website to sell them something,  or are you building a rapport and establishing yourself and your company as a brand?
  • If your intent is to elevate your website in the search engines, do you know the key words you want emphasized in your blog?  Critical.

Should you consider me to ghost for you, I’ll want to know all these things (I make it easy – there’s a questionnaire my clients must complete).  I’ll also want to know if you want me to research and write, or merely re-write your thoughts.  I have a contract to be signed and require a good faith payment in advance.  And, I have guarantees, so you know your money is safe.

And, you should know now, I’m pricier than the freelancers on e-lance who will give you an article for four bucks.  One might consider the quality of writing and editing by people whose first language is not English and who are difficult to understand on the telephone, in order to understand the difference in price. Command of the English language, an intimate relationship with Strunk & White, the ability to use, no the obsession with the use of spellcheck . . . that sort of thing.

If you need a broader reach for your blog, ie, social media involvement, where each post is announced on multiple services to bring more people to your blog (and build your own googlejuice), we can set that up, also for a fee.

Multiple daily tweets are $100 per week. Blog articles (up to 300 words) are $75.00 each. For that I research, write, submit for your approval and edit prior to publishing. If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email to get the questionnaire  Please include “blog questionnaire” in the subject so you don’t get lost in my spam filters.

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