Google Search Story: The evolution of Laloba


Google Search Story - The Evolution of LalobaBack in 2010, Google had a video creation tool that built a search story video.  Originally used for a Superbowl ad, Google was bowled over at how many people liked the video and made the tool available, for free, to the public.

You could use it to promote your website or your cause, or your engagement story.

Easy Peasy! Create Your Google Search Story

It was slick and easy.  After choosing the search terms you wanted to highlight (I looked at the search results as I was choosing my search terms to make sure they play well in video) it was a simple matter to insert the terms while Google filmed the results.  When  you were satisfied with the video, you chose the background music and rendered the file.

This is the only one I did for one of my websites, The Evolution of Laloba, and I still love it!

I really wish the Google video creation tool was still available, as I would like to use it to create search stories for all the websites i service, but, as with all my inquiries to Google, when I asked if they would bring it back, I got no response.

Honestly those people at Google are harder to get to than “the Zuck”.

For speed, cost (zero), slick transitions, you really couldn’t beat it.  The quality was always good, the sound excellent, and the compositions beautiful.

I suppose I could do the same thing with another tool, but for the 20 or 30 minutes I spent doing these on the Google tool, I know I’d spend days doing them on a video program.

So bring back that Google Search Story video creation tool, Googlers! It will keep us on YouTube even longer.


Additional Info:

You can upload your videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and several others.  I’m liking Vimeo lately, and am thinking of upgrading to the first level of service, just to get my videos rendered faster.  Still thinking it over though 🙂




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