Jumping the broom: Taylor and Ashley Evans

For years I’ve had on my Facebook family photos a link to Ashley Evans, with the relationship remark, “wish she were mine”.

Yesterday she came as close to that as she ever will, when she married my son Taylor.

For those of us who have been part of or witness to a lot of wedding ceremonies in our lives (in my case my three failed marriages come to mind), I think the words of the minister and the vows of the couple have a lot of meaning, and trigger, at least in my case, a myriad of feelings and memories relative to the whole nuptials thing.  I’m not sure that floodgate of memories is particularly comfortable . . . I can assure you mine weren’t.  And with all else to consider weren’t welcome, either – a veritable riot of emotions, all unexpected.

But the thing that I remember most vividly is the look on Ashley’s face when she looked at Taylor and said her vows.  Lips quivering, tears welling in her eyes, I was struck by how much love I saw in her face.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. If this woman had not stolen my heart years ago, she certainly would have had me at that moment.

I don’t reveal the things I think on my face as much as I have in the past, and certainly I don’t make myself as vulnerable as Ashley was.  But I do thank God that I was there to see the two of them happy and in love, and getting started on the rest of their lives.  And that I saw that love in her face, as bright and warm as the sun; palpable, as if everyone there could feel it as much as I.

The two of them as they dance into their new life:
Ashley and Taylor Evans.


And they did jump the broom!  More pictures mañana.