Life on Europa?  Who Cares? Mar20


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Life on Europa? Who Cares?

Is There Life on the Jovian Moon?

from Wired News Report

If you haven’t read about the microorganisms that might be alive on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, feel free to do so now. You may feel, like the scientists at NASA that this is incredibly important and worth spending lots and lots of money to KNOW. After all, we’ll get the news in 2,008. I’m sure its worth the wait. (You may have figured out by now that I don’t think so. Maybe I should say, more to the point, it isn’t where I want my money to go.) Who cares that we’re going?

Maybe we’re looking for a location to which we can migrate after we’ve made this planet totally untenable. 

Perhaps the decision makers have read Edgar Cayce and believe that reincarnation sometimes takes place on other planets and in other dimensions, and they’re looking for someone important – Albert Einstein or one of the Kennedys.

Or, perhaps, they’ve simply forgotten what we owe to what we’ve got . . .

. . . a responsibility to see that no children starve whether or not we birthed them or sired them . . .

. . . that all people deserve a decent place to live where they’re safe and dry and fed. . .

. . . that everyone of us has some human dignity and should be respected for it. . .

. . . that we’ve got to learn to take care of this planet, before we don’t trash another one. Or even its moon.

Europa. Doesn’t that name sound like magic? Doesn’t it beckon to you? Unfortunately, it beckoned to the wrong people, too.