The Summer of My Last Innocence | Poetry

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As I drive into the hills
The towns roll by
There is a melody,
a cadence to these names.

I’ve ridden these roads my entire life
Moving from the city
To my mountain kin
And back again.

The mountains tug at me
Pull me
Call out to me
Drawing me inexorably to my past.

You ask, what did I leave here?
My youth?
No, it was intact when I left.
My virginity?
No, gone before I got here.
Then what?

That summer
The summer of my last innocence
The world changed
And it wasn’t safe for me anymore.
No matter how many times
I travel these roads
I can’t reclaim my safety here.

Or anywhere.
These mountains aren’t my refuge
Or my asylum,
as much as I want them to be.
I still need a shield for my heart
And the lance I craft with words
To keep the world at bay.



The Summer of My Last Innocence | Poetry Feb25


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