Wind & Water, Understanding the Nature of Feng Shui

Feng-ShuiAs one uses Feng Shui to balance and harmonize home and work environments, the purpose, as I have come to understand it, is truly to balance one’s mind, body and spirit. . . to embrace spirituality, to encounter God.

The Bible tells us to make our homes a Holy place, where everyone who enters will feel safe and welcome . . . Where Angels would choose to come.

Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Perhaps that is what we are to do. Offer our share of heaven and our spiritual experience with everyone we meet.

As we “feng shui” our homes, our work, our lives, we are giving physical form to those thoughts and prayers of what we want our homes, work and lives to be and become. The things we do (hanging wind chimes and decorating with certain colors) don’t cause the things we want to happen; and the “chi” energy we release isn’t some magical thing that comes up from the earth and grants all our wishes.

The chi energy we seek to encounter is that connection with God that makes all things possible; and the wind chimes we hang, the special colors we use are the reminders to ourselves that this is our purpose. They are a reaffirmation of our faith and our goals.

They are also a statement to those who know and understand feng shui that we have chosen to pursue a path of enlightenment; they are an invitation to come with me, come with me … come with me now!