Journal, December 28, 2003: My ex-husband’s mail-order bride

2004 is upon us

And so I begin my 2004 journal early, with an entry on December 28.

I’ve done a lot of soul searching about myself these last few days and I mean that in the strictest sense of the words.

My ex-husband’s mail order Russian Bride

I received a gift and a Christmas card from the Russian wife of my worst ex-husband.

My exes are rated by amount of turmoil they managed to keep in my life post divorce … this one tells me I’m stuck with him eight more years – I insist I want a full and final divorce now. And I mean it. We’ve been divorced legally since 1992. My kids can have him, and he can have a relationship with them. But my preference is to never see him or speak to him again.

No animosity, no bitterness, I’ve just had enough these last 15 years and it doesn’t get better with time. We’re stuck in the same stupid relationship we always had, except that now I don’t sleep with him.

He’s always had a relationship with me and someone else, it is just that now she and her children are part of our lives instead of a secret. With that history, let me tell you why I search my soul.

Christmas Chocolates

She, on Christmas night, when I dropped my children off at their house, ran to my car with a gift (chocolates) and a Christmas card signed for her, him and her two children. My kids ate the chocolates, I stewed over the card.

Now in my heart of hearts, I bear them no ill will. I wish him happiness and if he has found it with her, I really hope it lasts forever. We had been divorced more than 10 years when he brought her to this country last year. She hasn’t taken anything from me.

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