You Can Be Hurt by Love or Healed by the Same

Timing is Everything

I’m a big one to put my life to music in my mind as if my memories are on the big screen; there is always a soundtrack … the one I arrange.

Today my soundtrack is Garrett Hedlund from the movie Country Strong.  He sings a couple of things I really like, but my favorite, hands down, is Timing is Everything.

left-quoteWhen the stars line up, and you catch a break, people think you’re lucky, but you know its grace †

The last verse,

left-quoteCause you can be hurt by love, or healed by the same. Timing is everything

makes me think about this soul revival thing I have going on in my life.

I’ll admit, I entertained this new relationship because I was encouraged by that remembered wild-heart 15 year-old frisson  that overcame me in the beginning.

But over the last few weeks I’ve developed a warmer, richer, perhaps deeper relationship than a 15 year-old could manage; and while I’ll admit the 16 year-old boy that caught my eye and my heart 45 years ago is still warming my heart … I’ve come to be enamored of the man he has become.

I don’t know a lot of 15 year-olds who have a good concept of adulthood, or an idea of who or what they will be when they reach it.  My recollection of being that age is that I was interested in right now, and gave no thought to tomorrow.

(That’s probably pretty obvious.)