A New DB Cooper clue??

Steve Miletich, writing in the Seattle Times tells us there is a new clue in the DB Cooper case.

Steve reports the FBI has told him they have a promising lead . . . but the FBI is not on the verge of a “big break”; the FBI spokesman said the FBI received a tip that lead to a credible person who might have helpful information on a suspect.

I’m sure they’ve had lots and lots of tips. A post I wrote back in the ’90’s has gotten me more email than anything I’ve ever written about (save Aerosmith, of course), including long email and telephone conversations with two women who told me they were his wife and with him when he died, although both of them denied knowing where the money went.

It still gets more hits every day than ANYTHING else I’ve written about . . . maybe I should have stuck to being a coopersmith, instead of a wordsmith.

Here’s my original post, http://laloba.com/2010/05/d-b-coopers-legend-grows-as-the-crime-story-ages/

And here’s a link to the full store as told by Steve Miletich: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2015787564_dbcooper01m.html