The Harley Obsession: Foreword

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There were once, in this land, great nations of people the white man called Indians. Among themselves they had respected cultures and their own names. The Cherokee lived in the East and were an educated, farming people, with their own alphabet. Before they walked the Trail of Tears. The Sioux nation, a part of the larger Tetons lived in the West, beyond Missouri and to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Each of these cultures was known as savage, when in fact they had a civilization that is still unknown to the white race. They considered it honorable to protect the helpless, aid the weak, feed the hungry. They treated their children with respect due a human being. There was no child abuse, there was not even physical punishment.

The Sioux were fierce warriors against other Indians who would take their food or occupy their land. And eventually against the white man for the same reasons. In battle, they left their mark on or about their victims as a warning to others who might think to steal from them.

Sometimes it was a Sioux arrow in the ground, or a missing scalp. And, sometimes, in a gesture of true hatred, and as a warning to his enemies, a Sioux warrior would rip the heart of a man out of his chest and offer it heavenward as thanks for his triumph.