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Why do you want to work in entertainment?

What are the top 3 main issues facing the entertainment industry today?

1)      Understanding that the influence movies hold over audiences is not just monetary; the real thoughts, actions, expectations of audiences are influenced, perhaps even subtly directed by the films they watch,

2)      And then directing that influence to a higher level of consciousness, not a baser one.

3)      To stretch and grow and not churn out the same old stuff that always sells, but to CREATE

flwWhy do you want to work in entertainment?

Because I believe as a writer I have something to offer that is both unique and of a higher consciousness.

Who is your role model in the entertainment industry and why?

Some days, Andrew Lloyd Webber: he has taken the musical to a level that approaches  transcendental. . . however often you witness his work, new or old, it takes you over.  Pure Magic.

 billy crystalOther days, Billy Crystal who understands nuance and subtlety, and expresses the irony of day-to-day life like no one else.

 Some days, Johnny Cusack, who can be himself and be so quiet about it.  Doing Hollywood and being Hollywood are very different things.

 And then it is Johnny Depp, who makes himself over beautifully, richly, in every role he plays, and is believable in every strange turn.